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Thread: Assertiveness

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    I wish they'd taught this at school but am working on it now so I can improve my life and not feel so used, abused, not heard and taken advantage of.

    does anyone else here feel they aren't assertive enough?
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    Re: Assertiveness

    Hi IV just learning some of those skills myself in therapy funny how in some parts of my life i can be very assertive but in other parts i just seem to withdraw and hide I too wish they taught assertiveness in school especially to the ones that were so shy and withdrawn.

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    Re: Assertiveness

    The trick is to assert yourself in a non threatening/non patronising manner otherwise you are just a bully or someone who pushes others about.

    There is no replacement for socialising. That is were we learn and hone our social skills. You become assertive by experience - each person you meet and communicate with will be left with an impression even after we meet for a minute or so.

    To be a good conversationalist you also need to be a good listener. But don't become some wall to talk to - be polite if people use up too much time - make your excuses and bid them goodbye.

    So, hang out with some people, put yourself in social situations and perhaps voluntary work helping others less fortunate.

    Confidence is the key - feel confident in your self and you will assert yourself as and when you need to do so.

    Good luck!

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