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    Thread: mozzila *whip

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      mozzila *whip

      Mozzila keeps saving my cookies, even though I'm in private mode, does anyone know why? :?
      I'd rather not have any trail of this site on my computer..
      also, no idea if this is the right spot for this thread, couldn't find anything more appropriate :?
      Thanks for taking the effort of reading my post

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      Re: mozzila *whip

      to be honest, i'm not sure. i use firefox too but i've never bothered with clearing cookies because i'm the only on that uses this computer. im fair sure that firefox has a thing where it deletes all your recent history, though, by pressint ctrl+shift+del? or a setting where it clears all your cookies whenever you close the browser. failing that i guess you could just go in and manually delete those particular cookies every time?

      sorry i'm not of more help.

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      Re: mozzila *whip

      I can indeed delete all cookies, but I've got to do that every time, it's annoying and I'm afraid I'll forget to do it some time

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      Re: mozzila *whip

      Hey Baldr,

      I've been meaning to post here for you, I guess I just been forgetting so please forgive me for being so late in posting.

      You have several options. You can clear all cookies. It should only cause you to be "logged out" of any website you were currently in. If you are worried about tracking (or someone coming to your computer and using your account). You can use PortableFirefox on a thumb drive. I'm using a portable web browser right now (works in chat too). If that's not an option you can try using Sandboxie. Sandboxie allows you to "sandbox" a web browser so that it makes no changes to your system. Basically resets the web browser when you logoff.

      If your looking for ease of use look at PortableFirefox. If you don't want to use a thumbdrive and are not afraid to explore settings in new software check Sandboxie.

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