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    "As the leading mental health charity for England and Wales, Mind is a force for change. Our vision is of a society that promotes and protects good mental health for all, and that treats people with experience of mental distress fairly, positively, and with respect."

    I have friends in England who only have nice words for this organization.
    I hope this link may help someone and also, that there is at least one organization like this in every country.
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    Music too.

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    Re: "Mind"

    I'm going to check this out, thanks for the link. I will post my thoughts afterward.
    I seek only enlightenment! I am not religious and am not here for cheer me up speeches so please don't waste your time with either, much appreciated.

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    Re: "Mind"

    I had 2 counselling sessions with the MIND office in Wrexham in 2005, although I personally didn't find the sessions beneficial, the people I met there thought they were very professional, caring and understanding. The sessions are free, but donations are greatly appreciated.
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    Re: "Mind"

    How could you define the mind ?
    Mind is a blessing of God for us.Let me tell you one thing that it is the biggest tool to rule,to live happily and to make progress.Positive mental attitude is a theory which tells us that quality of life comes from the quality of thoughts.So mind can play a vital role in your success in life but if you really want.

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