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  • View Poll Results: Penis Size Preference

    15. You may not vote on this poll
    • 4 inches or less (width is proportional to size in all)

      1 6.67%
    • 5 inches

      0 0%
    • 6 inches

      1 6.67%
    • 7 inches

      1 6.67%
    • 8 inches

      0 0%
    • 9 inches

      2 13.33%
    • 10 inches

      0 0%
    • 11 or more inches

      1 6.67%
    • Size doesn't matter, it is the person that counts

      8 53.33%
    • Impossibly huge

      3 20.00%
    Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Thread: Ideal Penis Size (opposite the breast size poll)

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      Ideal Penis Size (opposite the breast size poll)

      Sorry, messed up the first time, didn't add poll option.

      Anyhow, bet this will get me banned while the breast size one will stay up without anyone saying anything.

      Say what you want, post your vote, etc.
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      Re: Ideal Penis Size (opposite the breast size poll)

      I think it's fair to post. :dunno:

      Although I don't see either of these threads as soap box type of issues. Uncertainty Principle...
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      Re: Ideal Penis Size (opposite the breast size poll)

      Seems to miss, a bit. Most women tend to report a preference on width and not on length.

      As for me being on the receiving end, impossibly huge ^_^

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      Re: Ideal Penis Size (opposite the breast size poll)

      I was the one that said 4 or less, 11+, and impossibly huge, for the record.

      Honestly, I don't really care. I'm not into all of that stuff, and if/when I am, I'm pretty sure the guy will matter a lot more to me than his bodypart, and it won't dictate if I stay with him or not.
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      Re: Ideal Penis Size (opposite the breast size poll)

      id much prefer someone i click with, rather than a huge penis. and its not like i got around looking for huge ones(mind u, i dont go around looking for anything, period. lol)


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      Re: Ideal Penis Size (opposite the breast size poll)

      my ex managed to accidentally convince everyone i have a 10 inch shlong before.....rumours still precede me lol
      However im not that big but what i have learned is all women have different sized genitals themselves....so whats too big for one woman can fit another woman perfectly.
      And i have it on good authority that size doesnt mean shit unless you can use it (my friend got with someone who was 10+ but could not only not use it but also had a problem of the premature kind lol)

      p.s i still havent figured why women like to tell me about their sex lives.....im far away from the kind of guy that wants to hear about it :blink:
      'i dont want millions, i want answers to my questions'

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      Re: Ideal Penis Size (opposite the breast size poll)

      it's not the quantity..it's the quality!
      My life goes on without me!!

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      Re: Ideal Penis Size (opposite the breast size poll)

      im locking this until another staff member takes a look...asking the preference of size of genetalia is a whole different thing from asking about breast size. it might be unlocked again but until someone who has more experience than me is here it remains locked.

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