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    Thread: Elliott Smith

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      Elliott Smith

      There's probably already a thread dedicated to him already, but I don't think it's been posted in recently. Anyway.

      I just found Elliott Smith through a guy I was in treatment with. He played one of Elliott's songs during art therapy and I fell in love.
      For those who don't know, Elliott was a semi-popular singer-songwriter in the 90's and 00's until his death in 2003. Cause of death was never officially decided, and although it's generally decided that it was a suicide, some think that it was a homicide.

      But all of that is unrelated. He makes truly stunning music, and it's very poignant to what I think many people on this site are going through. It's much like Conor Oberst in that sense, very personal and very meaningful songwriting.

      Anyway, I would highly recommend giving him a listen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zH8-lQ9CeyI
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      Re: Elliott Smith

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHDbC...eature=related this is a fav of mine, both of his and in general. RIP.
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      Re: Elliott Smith

      This is my favorite for sure:


      It's gone on pretty much every summer mixtape/CD I've ever made.

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      Re: Elliott Smith

      I found Elliott quite accidentally over a year ago and I fell in love with his music instantly. He has influenced me a lot.

      My favorites by him:

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      Re: Elliott Smith

      I love Elliott Smith. Favourites are Miss Misery, Between The Bars and Angeles. x

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      Re: Elliott Smith

      I hit upon this board by looking for an Elliott Smith-fanboard. But I guess this board will actually match better for me...
      Nevertheless I want to write my first comment in this thread.

      Elliott Smith has been the hero of my youth. First listened to his music in the late 90s at the age of 14... Listened to "Speed trials" in a latenight Independent-radioshow. Had to hear more of that and his music touched a nerve and I felt understood for maybe the first time ever in my life. No musician ever brought that off like he did.
      Since then, everytime I felt down, I got consolation by listening to his songs. Maybe the "either/or"-record is the most heared record in my life and I still love it. I guess I'll never be tired of his music: It accompanied me through all the years and I got a lot of good and also bad memories I associate with it.

      Had the luck to see him once life at a concert in 2000. Never had that many friends and no one I knew liked him and his music, so I went there all on my own. But til today it has been the most magic concert I've ever been to.
      Still remember when I read about his death. On the one hand it was like the world was collapsing... on the other hand I could understand why he chose to do that. If you don't want to live anymore, it's your own decision. No one should forbid you, no one should force you to trudge through life...

      Currently I've got several doubts concerning different areas of my life. I've got to make decisions and it's not that easy. I'm feeling down and dissatisfied. I'm listening to "Stickman" for hours by now, trying to arrange my thoughts. And the song makes me more confident, so I want to share it:


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