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    Thread: Do you hate yourself?

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      Do you hate yourself?

      One of the main reasons I want to commit suicide is due to the fact that I hate myself.

      Does anyone else feel this way?

      I hate myself because I don't have the ability to be the person I want to be.

      I want to be confident, compassionate, successful, kind, honorable, funny, athletic, altruistic, benevolent, hard-working, attractive, happy, successful, outgoing, lovable, genuine, and intelligent. I want to a have a personality that causes people (especially girls) to feel loved, safe, comfortable, and so, so happy.

      However, I will never be able to become the person I want to be due to numerous physical and psychological disorders, and a disturbing past. I'd rather die than live a life of shame, pity, disappointment, uselessness, isolation, and negativity.

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      Re: Do you hate yourself?

      I'm that guy that brings everyone down, even when I try not to be. Never know what to say, feel embarrassed about what I do. Turn every girl off, almost immediately, nothing to do with looks. Spend days working or buried in a basement, surprised when I see it's light out. Wish I could go outside, but curled in a ball reeling with anxiety, nothing to do out there anyway.

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      Re: Do you hate yourself?

      I do hate myself, and a lot of people share that sentiment. I simply can't believe anything good that anyone would tell me. It doesn't seem true at all.
      Keep hope alive!!!

      Sometimes the person who tries to make everyone happy is the most lonely person.

      xX Lots of Love Xx Witty-Cat!

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      Re: Do you hate yourself?

      Yeah, i hate myself. Im a dick. I can't really control it.. hate myself..

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      Re: Do you hate yourself?

      some days more than others - haven't shaved in almost 8 months so i don't have to look too closely at myself in the mirror
      This is the way you left me,
      I'm not pretending,
      No hope, no love, no glory,
      No happy ending

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      Re: Do you hate yourself?

      Quote Originally Posted by Witty_Sarcasm View Post
      I simply can't believe anything good that anyone would tell me. It doesn't seem true at all.
      That's exactly how I feel most of the time. Even if people say nice things about me, I just assume they are just saying it because they pity me. I find it impossible to believe that anyone could truly like me. I don't really want sympathy or pity, I want to be deserving of and earn people's love, respect, admiration, adoration, etc.

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      Re: Do you hate yourself?

      I most definitely hate myself, I lack the courage to overcome my demons, even though from a rational standpoint I can analyze them.

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      Re: Do you hate yourself?

      I don't hate myself, I'm just not sure what myself is anymore. I used to be a real person, with a real personality. I have always been viewed as being eccentric but I have in the past been popular, I had alot of friends, I was very sociable, I travelled about a bit, I used to have alot to say, I was on a mission to get somewhere, and I thought I was going there. That person seems to be gone now, and I am this strange, hysterical, stammering, blubbering fat lump who can hardly have a conversation and who can't seem to get out of this odd situation. But I don't think that this is myself. I am trapped in my depression, I don't hate myself because somewhere inside I am cool but for the past few years I have been frozen and distorted in this illness. I hate the way I am now, but I don't hate myself inside because I know this fucked up version of myself isn't real, and I need to keep fighting to get myself back and I will keep fighting.

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      Re: Do you hate yourself?

      The main reason Im hate myself is due to my high school experience and home experience growing up, also how I handled the situation back then.

      I now how found out I may suffer with autism of some kind too :-(. I do wish most days giving in woulden't be wrong :-(.

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      Re: Do you hate yourself?

      Self hatred is something that is so hard to deal with and so hard to understand. Its a huge step just to figure out that you actually do hate yourself because most of the time you just blame yourself without thinking why, or making that connection. i hate myself, and have knwon i have for years, but am still struggling to get past it. Its hard because it is so strong of feeling and it hits me every moment of my day, where i cant tell when im actually being rediculous and when its me hating myself and telling myself im being stupid or being a bitch. I wish i could help you get past it, but i havent found that key in myself yet.... i wish you the best of luck because i know its hard to live ith.
      The Truth doesn't always come covered in honey suckled covered roses- sometimes it has thorns and has to pierce and draw blood to make it's point ....point being,that it's raw intention is to draw you in with its beauty, with the allure of its sweet smell only to prick you and laugh as your love lies bleeding...was it worth plucking after all? I applaud the truth, wheteher it's vulgar raw or sweet and sunny...

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