Keeping Body and Mind Healthy and Happy

The Secret to Staying Healthy and Happy?

While we scrupulously save our money for a new car, the latest mobile phone or that trending pair of boots, it does not come as a surprise that most people end up ignoring their health. Well, there is no harm in investing in the commodities you desire. But doing it at the cost your health makes no sense. While juggling personal and professional responsibilities, we often skip meals or binge on unhealthy snacks, compromising our digestive system. Many people also succumb to the regular consumption of alcohol to deal with stress.All of these and several other lifestyle choices lead to the deterioration of our health.


Here’s a list of yearly “To-Dos” for a resilient body, nourishing heart and developing mind:


Full-body physiological check-up


Prevention is better than spending your life’s worth of money on the cure. These days we are all vulnerable to diseases, chronic illnesses, respiratory problems, and stomach infections, HIV/AIDS or STDs and STIs. Get a thorough health check-up done for you and your family at least once every year. Your health insurances cover clinical examinations, X-ray chest, ECG, CUA, Pap smears (for women) and other necessary analysis that will give you any leads to eliminate ailments. Having the knowledge that you are completely healthy will boost your overall confidence as well.


Get Therapy Sessions


Have you been feeling off your game, depressed, unfortified and completely uninterested with impounding thoughts of self-loathing? Stop! Mental health is necessary; no one will ever condemn you for finding a professional to discuss your problem. Once you share, discover the right treatment, you will see immediate improvement in your approach. Your mind should not be bogged down by negative or depressing thoughts, hindering in your personal progression.

Maintain exercise regime for best mental and physical health.

Engage in Physical Activities


The body is like a machine (with more creative & imaginative powers of course). Limbs and the adjacent joints need regular exercise to find their purpose. If you find sports to be highly strenuous, try Dance, Yoga or Aerial Arts instead. Find a movement style that interests you the most. Activate areas of your brain, improve your posture and gain back focus. Exercising in water is an excellent way to build resistance and strength.


Invest in Organic and healthy food habits


Reduce fat intake. Protect your arteries. Try alternative cooking methods like grilling, baking, steaming or poaching. Cut down on Frying. Always eat breakfast irrespective of your schedule. Keep away from the “Yo-Yo” way of dieting. Crash dieters will soon find their body’s supporting strenuous activities. Drink more water; you can keep an alarm reminder that tells you to do so. Include fruits in your diet for blood pressure and immunity. Maintain a diet high in fiber.


Breast health: Make time & do not ignore


The most common cause of death for women today is breast cancer. There is nothing to be ashamed of in getting a mammogram every two years to screen breast cancer. Not only woman, but men should be aware of the vitality in knowing the potential threat breast cancer has between the ages of 50 and 74. Cancer has a genetic cause, and those under the risk may need to get examined every so often. Also, ask your doctor about other cancer-related screenings. These include colorectal, cervical and prostate gland (in men) cancers.


It is rightly said that prevention is the best cure. If you want to secure a healthy and happy life for yourself, you must take the necessary preventative measures. With the tips mentioned above, it must be a bit easy for you now!


Author bio: Walter Moore, a life coach, therapist and health guru, has dedicated his life to helping people. He has written many books on the importance of healthy living. He also works with clients to educate them about the ELISA test and teaches about how does elisa work. To know more, you need to read his articles on the subject.

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