Suicide Help on a Mobile Device? Help Us Make it Happen

When somebody is feeling suicidal, being able to talk or message somebody is often the difference between life and death. There is nothing lonelier than feeling like you have nobody that cares in a world full of 6 billion people. At SF, we allow people that have dealt with suicidal thoughts and feelings, depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues talk to each other in our peer support chat and forums so they can understand they are not alone and so they can talk to somebody that does care and that truly understands what they are feeling. SF wants to make that help even closer and faster.

The forum section of SF has message boards and chat to help people that want or need to talk to others about the issues going in in their lives.  A mobile app is going to be developed for SF so that even on the message boards you can get real time notifications of replies to your threads or posts, notifications when somebody messages you, let you ask somebody to chat, and just be able to stay in closer contact with the community by having access to SF wherever you are with your mobile device.

The app will enable members to get real time updates so they do not need to refresh the page and wait for answers, and to respond immediately if somebody posts in an area they are watching or to one of their posts. This difference in having to anxiously wait for replies to get support, and being able to just get notified when somebody is messaging will help many people when they really need it most.

Peer support is a great way for people to get through the hardest moments of a day or night– and we are very hopeful this app will enable our online peer support to become far more responsive and to help more people faster. While developing an app like this is no small undertaking we believe it will be well worth the effort.

We rely on donations or self-pay for all costs for this website and the same applies to development of this app. Building brand new apps from scratch is a costly endeavor –one that takes time to develop and more importantly takes funding. We believe it can be completed from design to deployment for $6000 – $7500. If you are familiar with development costs you will realize most apps cost over double that to make – we are using every resource to its fullest to reduce costs.

We have raised $1500 already, but to complete this project we do need help. Please consider donating to help save lives of people that have no other place to go for help and really just need to have somebody that cares listen to them and offer them support and alternatives to suicide. We thousands of visitors to this site each month. If just a few will donate even a couple dollars towards this project then we could be fully funded in a very short time for completion of this important project.

This mobile app is being developed for the site to ensure that all members can access support wherever they are and whenever they need it. It will allow faster response times to posts and requests, and real time notifications of replies or new posts from selected fields or members. While still assuring privacy and discretion, the goal of the app is to ensure all can get the support they need when they need it. It will of course be available at no charge to all members (membership to SF is also completely free – just a simple anonymous sign up). This app will greatly enhance the level of support available to all in their times of greatest need to make a safer and better connected community of peer support for those dealing with depression, suicidal urges, anxiety, or other mental health issues. Help save a life by making this app a reality.

SF works 100% on donations and self-pay by the site owners and administrators. As you can see, we do no advertising at all, preferring to keep out any potential for conflicts of interests from business or other interests. By staying completely commercial free and completely anonymous all know that the people they are talking to have no hidden agendas or other motives than sincerely caring.

Please help now by donating what you can comfortably afford. Your donation can literally save lives. There are no paid employees on SF – 100% off every donation goes directly to supporting this site and development of tools to make the site better and members safer and better supported.

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  • This is an amazing place. The people here pulled me back from the brink! Here you will find, as I did the most understanding, supportive people I have ever known. I’ve been a member here for nearly a year, and I am not exaggerating when I say this forum saved my life.

  • I think it really helps if it’s something like a chat app, where there are someone who reply you real time.. I mean i really hope for a 24/7 service… But… I don’t know……

    • The app will not be a chat app. The chat room on the site works on mobile 24/7 already and has people in it 24/7. It will however allow members to send a message to another member and that member will get a notification immediately as opposed to waiting for them to sign in and see, and for people that use the forum instead of chat they will be notified immediately when somebody replies , and people that “watch” forum will be notified whenever a new thread is posted in the forum. This will allow forum threads to be far more responsive and close to a conversation by themselves.

      For just chatting members can do that 24/7 from a mobile already. They can perhaps ask a specific member to come to chat with them with the app and the person will get the message, but that would be the only difference to chat. Chat is used by far fewer people than the forum though. While it may be your preference there are 3x-4x as many daily users of the forum as chat.

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