About SF

SF is a pro-life support site with a peer to peer community support forum and chatroom for people in need.  SF operates on a “Do no harm, promote no harm” principle.


Mission Statement – To provide a pro life peer to peer support environment for people suffering from suicidal urges or ideation, self harm urges, or dealing with depression, anxiety, and other mental illness by providing an online support network to be used in  conjunction with professional medical advice.

SF was started in 2005 and has been run continuously since then staffed and owned by all volunteers.  The site has always consisted of the support forums that now contain over 150,000 discussions threads and nearly 2 million replies. Current membership exceeds 53k members representing countries all over the world, with hundreds of new members registering each month. Despite these numbers, it has the feel of a small family community with most staff and members knowing each other form past online chats and forum exchanges and there always being a friendly and supportive word available. Whether in need of simple companionship and moral support, or looking for real answers to some of the hardest questions life has to offer, there is usually people around 24/7 willing to help.

All costs on the forum and chat are paid entirely by donations to keep the socialization and support area ad free and absent of any commercial interest or influence. In 2016 the former forum owner decided to add this reference section to the long standing forums and chat to provide members and non-members alike with real information and reference material and additional support. This is an ongoing work in progress that will receive regular updating and ongoing contributions form both the support community and other laymen and professionals with experience and interest in dealing with suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, and a range of mental health issues that have a negative effect on the quality of life of millions around the world. We stand by the belief that these are worldwide problems and nobody should face these problems alone.

The top priorities of the reference and resource site and the support community is to provide positive pro-life support in a safe, non-religious affiliated environment, as well as insight possible only by those that have dealt with the  issues our members face firsthand so have a true understanding of the issues and allow all to speak in safe environment without fear of judgement or harassment. We strongly encourage all members to safeguard their privacy and  anonymity and require no names or personal identifying information for membership or use of the forum or chat.

As a peer to peer support site, no staff or members here have any specialized training or skills. It is a place for peers to meet and discuss issues with peers. People in genuine crisis or at risk of harming themselves are advised to seek proper professional support and return here when the crisis is over for continued peer support in facing daily issues and challenges.

Membership at SF is a privilege, not a right. If you cannot abide by the site rules, this privilege will be suspended.



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