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Making Tomorrow Better By Doing Something Today


I have had a question at the bottom of my signature on the forum for a few years now. I have a lot of people tell me they like the “quote” – though it is not actually a quote- is just a question I ask myself and have asked many…

Self-Treating Depression? / Can I treat my own Depression?


Is it possible to Treat Depression Yourself? Many people experience depression and anxiety at different levels, oftentimes based on situations they face in their lives. People tend to get depressed when they aren’t able to achieve what they want in life. This is normal, but when the sadness or depression…

What Does Depression Feel Like –


What Does Depression Feel Like? Answers from those dealing with depression     A community project was created from a forum  thread  that really struck a tone as being the best real life explanation of what it was like to deal with depression. Volunteers from the SF community read and…

Change your Life – Fighting Depression


Nothing ever changes until something changes.  It seems like such a simple statement that it almost does not even make sense. It is so obvious it does not even really even reach full cliché status, much less the lofty heights of being a proverb. On its best day it might…