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Suicidal Ideation – How Do You Cope?


“What do you do when suicidal ideations are too much?” This type of question is fairly commonplace in the community from people looking for answers on how to cope and make life more bearable. While it may be common on the SF Forum, it is not the type of question…

Choosing a Future


Depression has often been compared to sadness as “with sadness you cannot see a way for things to be worse, while similar in feeling, with depression you see no way for things to ever be better.” In the end, whether it is simply “a rut” that you need bouncing out…

Suicide Methods – 10 Ways to Die


There are 1.2 million internet searches for suicide methods and ways to commit suicide every month. That is according to just one of the largest search engines – and there are still many more with millions and millions of searches. That is a scary number to think about, that there…

Coping with Anxiety in 5 Simple Steps


  Anxiety is a natural emotion that everyone feels at times. It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous or uneasy when something in our environment just doesn’t seem right. The capacity to feel anxious helped our ancestors survive life in a world where there were big predators. However, sometimes a person’s…