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  1. Freyja

    The one thing I cannot talk about IRL

    Hello :-) I will try to keep it moderately short. There is this thing that I never talk about with anyone. My therapist doesn't know (yet), and I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to tell my psychiatrist either (who is a man, and I literally cannot). Two or three friends know or suspect the...
  2. DamCore

    The night I want to forget.

    Well it's complicated. It really is. It lies back a couple of years, when I was 9 or 10 years old. I can't remember to be honest. My mom was gone for the weekend, and so I was alone at home with my dad. In the evening, he called me into the living room, so we could watch a movie together, to...
  3. TheChimeraMonster

    Abusive Neighbor

    ... Girls, don't you hate to feel powerless? To know someone is seeing you as an object, and don't being able to do anything? to be afraid all the time?... My neighbor, who is married, is 40 yo and has two children, came to me yesterday, to literally try to make sex with me... for real. He came...
  4. Sevven

    This means War

    Wtf do you do when you find out the wife of someone you care about has decided to be the pregnant girl who gets fucked up?? I knew she smoked. I kinda figure if you're the type of person to smoke while pregnant there are deeper issues at play I can't change, so a comment or even confrontation...
  5. leoleh

    Episodic abuse of father in childhood - longterm effects?

    Hello dear forum members, From time to time again i have days/nights where everything i wanna be is dead. Sometimes this feeling is so strong that if i would have <mod edit - method>but anyways my will to cease to exist is sometimes just unnaturally strong mixed with deep depressions about my...
  6. Sevven

    Cycle Breakers

    I was reading a post by @Clockwork Flowers and a response by @Aprilflowers7 and thought maybe some of us could benefit from a thread on living differently than our parents, even if we notice similarities between our thinking or emotions. First of all I really want to share this...
  7. Gracie Gregg

    The Struggle to Reach Fresh Air

    It's been a while since I've visited this community, but lately it's been harder to keep all these thoughts to myself. When I was 14 already in my first abusive relationship and being the unknowing little girl I was, I kept with the relationship 3 years before he left me for someone else. He...
  8. B

    Past abuse is affecting my marriage

    My first relationship (we were 14 years old) was an abusive one from beginning to end. The abuse began with my boyfriend relentlessly pressuring me to be intimate with him and allowing his older brother to make crude, sexual comments towards me about my body as if I were an object and not a...
  9. Ange

    Eh... Does this count as "rape"?

    So I was "sexually abused" by my cousins when I was 10 (I'm 18 now). At the time they were already teens, that was the first time I had sex in my life. I still didn't knew how it worked and after I asked them in a weird talk (induced maliciously by themselves) they said they would show it to me...
  10. lightning05


    Does the pain of rape or sexual abuse ever go away? Lately I have been triggered so easily. I saw something in a show about a man beating up a woman and it immediately gave me flashbacks to when that happened to me.. now I've been reliving that anguish and I am trying to stop but I can't. I've...
  11. Jack D

    Child services and my friend

    It was not my intention to post something this controversial or worrying in my life, but I am out of options, getting desperate. My friend is in dire need of help, which I have been trying to give to him, and has completely backfired for no fault of my own. To best explain the situation, I will...
  12. Beka

    Partner's possible abusive ex

    Hey so it's been a really long time since I've felt the need to come here and post but I didn't know where else to ask for advice really. So he's not my partner but a new guy I'm seeing. It's been going pretty good, he's in the army so we've only been on one date and it was amazing, I've never...
  13. Fighter86

    I can't take it anymore...abusive GF

    I'm so exhausted with the amount of emotional battering I've taken from my girlfriend over the last 2 years. She's verbally aggressive, conscending, belitteling, sarcastic, cruel and judgemental. It doesn't happen all the time, but enough to make me feel like nothing at times. I've just felt so...
  14. tootall09

    The affect of alcoholic parents ?

    So this subject came to me while I was thinking of my past and how I thought I was done with it , somehow I actually forgot the bad parts. So here it goes. 1) Do you or have you had a alcoholic parent or parents? Yes , both of my parents were hard core drinkers , that's how they actually...
  15. N

    What did my dad do? And why do I want to know

    My dad abused my sisters when they were younger, 4 of them, he never touched me or my little sister and I had no idea what was going on, I'm 21 now but all of this came out when I was about 11 I think? I can't fully remember what happened I one of my sisters must have told another and then they...
  16. S

    . I'd ask if I should end it, but people say no

    And that is totally practical. I know people encourage others and help them. I don't know if I wanted that, or maybe I do want that and just can't admit that to myself. I had a bad childhood and I wish things were different. I was suicidal over my childhood, yes. My dad was a monster, a true...
  17. blurryface1481

    I love you but I can't

    "Why don't you have a boyfriend?" A lot of my friends have had raised this question and shoved it on my face, and my answer is always and will always be the same. " I do not have one because I do not feel that I need one because the love that my parents are giving me is good enough for me."...
  18. Rockclimbinggirl

    Feeling so ashamed

    Feeling so ashamed about abuse. Just want to die. :(
  19. Rockclimbinggirl

    Feeling more depressed lately

    I have been struggling with feeling more depressed lately. Just want to stay in bed and be asleep all day. Just haven't been feeling that motivated lately. I also came close to "method" on Monday. I really don't know why I've been feeling like this lately. Just don't care about life as...
  20. Rockclimbinggirl

    I do not see a point in trying

    I just do not. I tried to spend as much time as possible asleep this past weekend. Being asleep, gives me a break. I am hating being awake. I cannot get my brain to stop thinking about abuse.