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alone and feel suicidal

  1. F

    TL;DR - Divorced and Alone

    I suffer from Bipolar II, PTSD and chronic anxiety. When I started dating my ex-wife in 2015 I told her all about it and explained it in as much detail as I could. I'm up front about it when meeting someone new for a relationship because I know firsthand that it is not easy living with someone...
  2. Scytaic

    So alone right now :(

    Somehow everyone is always busy when I really need someone most. I try calling my family or texting my friends but I never get any replies until hours later. It feels like some cruel joke in my life to always feel alone. My partner just now saw me crying and walked away (he prefers being...
  3. Lee Hadfield

    Mental health

    Hi my names Lee I'm 27 and have been suffering with depression ever since I was 17 and recently iv been feeling really horrible and suicidal and spaced out in a world of my own and looking up differnt organisations and it's stupid how the phones are only on from 9am till 4;30pm I think it's...