anxiety attack

  1. Tor

    Anxiety Coping Skills 2024-02-20

    Two-page reference for coping with anxiety, using: 1.) Deep breathing 2.) Challenging irrational thoughts 3.) Use imagery
  2. Tor

    Breaking Down Anxiety 2021-12-20

    Anxiety can be controlling, but we eventually want our control back, since the lack thereof can feel daunting. This guide breaks down anxiety, why it happens, and how to cope better. It includes worksheets for a deeper mental dive, so can get those thoughts and feelings on paper, in one place...
  3. A

    I don't know what to do anymore

    Anybody else on here have a legit fear of other people or feel like you're so socially inept to the point where you can not communicate with the majority of other people? My mom and social worker came to visit today they were giving me crap about not leaving the house and not working i feel...
  4. A

    Hikikomori Japan's bedroom shut-ins

    I am curious as to what other users on this forum think about the hikikomori phenomenon in Japan? For those who don't know hikikomori is a social condition caused by a group of symptoms that result in the affected individual withdrawing from society and living in isolation in their...
  5. B

    too busy to seek help

    i had history of seeing counsellors due to anxiety. but i stopped bc i thought i was doing fine. i really thought i was doing fine, so in uni i took a lot of committee work alongside my assignment, and im also a freelance writer and finally landed in writing job. i thought everything was fine...