1. Dante

    Ideas & Opinions Musings on Beauty

    I couldn't help but notice a member here had their title set to "Beauty is boring" and took quite some time trying to figure out how I should respond to this as I sincerely beg to differ, but I suppose at the same time, to completely agree. Rather than "Beautiful is boring" I would turn it...
  2. Tana

    Jim's Cafe 7th March 2020

    Today's topic: ART! 1. Which form of art (creative pursuits) is your favourite? (From music and books to cooking, whatever you'd consider "art". :)) 2. Do you practice any form/s of art? Which? 3. Is there any form of art you would like to practice sometime in the future? 4. Who is your...
  3. Sevven

    Future tattoos

    I have pictures saved to my phone of ideas for tattoos. I feel like it's pretty common to know what you want and even have it all planned out even years before "it's time," so I was curious what plans others might have. Here are a couple of mine. The big one Maybe the next one The unfinished...
  4. Kathie Sunflower

    How to find inspiration

    I have always been a creative person with painting, writing (short stories or lyrics) etc, but in the past year I don't have any inspiration and when I try to write something, it's always the same and I don't really get new thoughts and impulses, also I don't have the energy to really start...