best friend

  1. Court

    To my best friend 😢

    You make me miss you so much, you were everything to me. I remember everything we did together I miss your hugs. Your smile lit up mine. Writing this now I’m hugging your bear knowing your heart is in it. I never knew I was ever going to find that one person who I could connect to, then I found...
  2. Boogaloo

    My best friend is suicidal and seeing her suffer destroys me inside.

    My best friend and girlfriend is very much suicidal and has been since she was very young. She self-harms and is very traumatized by her past. She was raped by her mother at the age of 10, and has been abused physically and mentally by her parents all her life. Her mother was an alcoholic, and...
  3. G

    She wants to die

    How to deal with someone decided to commit suicide, because her partner broke up with her and she doesn’t want to live without him? I tried everything, telling her that it will pass, that she has to love herself first, but she just cries and says she doesn’t want to be here anymore. I’m so...