borderline personality disorder

  1. A

    Jack (an original poem)

    There once was a boy who had an ability, To be able to see things that others could not see, He went by the name of jack, His friends whispered behind his back, For they thought he was crazy, To be able to see things that they could not see, The monsters and ghouls taunted him, But during the...
  2. Sewicide

    Empathy Only I look up at the clear blue sky and I wonder if I can fly

    I haven’t sat down to look at the sky in a very long time. It reminded me tonight that I am alive. But I don’t remember what *alive* feels like. Do you? I look up and think about how I could climb up a tall roof and take one step... maybe I wouldn’t fall. Maybe I could join the birds. Who...
  3. Sewicide

    Empathy Only I realized I don’t want to disappear—I want to be found

    It’s no surprise that I want someone to see my pain. So many people want this otherwise this website wouldn’t exist. I tried to get drunk this evening to escape my reality and then self-harm... but my body physically rejected the alcohol. And it wasn’t even that strong... so then I tried...
  4. Sewicide

    Empathy Only Self harm addiction, BPD splitting and dissociation

    I am very triggered to hurt myself again like I did last night. I just want to tear into myself. I hate my existence so much. I can’t describe it... it’s this deep urge to just shred my skin. Everything is so awful and painful. I need to hurt myself to help me feel something else other than...
  5. Sewicide

    Empathy Only I relapsed pretty bad last night

    Hi. Thank you for reading, if you do. I got home after a 16 hour shift last night, smoked a cigar, got drunk, and hurt myself. I got drunk enough that I could do it without immediately stopping but also enough that I knew when to stop. Today, I had to drive to meet someone to sign some formal...
  6. O

    I wish I could be free

    The first few moments after I wake up are bliss. Then, I remember who I am, and it all goes downhill from there. I am filled with so many regrets. My borderline personality disorder is an albatross around my neck. I wish I could find freedom from myself.
  7. CBunny9

    I feel nothing

    So I’m in the most amazing relationship with the kindest, most generous and supportive man in the world. I’m super in love with him and I love spending time with him. The problem is that when I’m depressed I very often dissociate and just tend to feel nothing. I can’t even cry when I’m...
  8. Beka

    Anyone else?

    So I find this hard to explain but, (I assume) due to my BPD, I find that I'm very in tune to others feelings. Particularly those close to me such as family. But I can't control it. It's like empathy where I can for some reason pretty much always relate to/feel how the person is feeling but I...
  9. one6seven

    Borderline Personality Disorder and Suicidal

    To clarify, this is not about me. I will keep who this is about anonymous. I know someone who has borderline personality disorder, and they've been really heavily effected by it. They are in and out of hospitals, tried all the medication and they've tried to kill themselves multiple times. This...
  10. CyphinatSea

    Finally, an answer (BPD)

    So, the past 3 years, I've been going on and off to different doctors, all of whom never took me seriously. In a last ditch effort after my most recent bout of depression and suicidal thoughts, I decided to try and see another doctor. And I think I have finally found someone who will take me...