child abuse

  1. googie

    does this counts as csa?

    so, my cousin and dad used to touch my butt, a lot of times, my cousin did it everytime we were alone, my dad used to slap and touch my thighs and butt, im not from usa, im from latam, and sa is kind of normalized here, but idk, does it counts as csa? or sa?
  2. DamCore

    The night I want to forget.

    Well it's complicated. It really is. It lies back a couple of years, when I was 9 or 10 years old. I can't remember to be honest. My mom was gone for the weekend, and so I was alone at home with my dad. In the evening, he called me into the living room, so we could watch a movie together, to...
  3. Sevven

    This means War

    Wtf do you do when you find out the wife of someone you care about has decided to be the pregnant girl who gets fucked up?? I knew she smoked. I kinda figure if you're the type of person to smoke while pregnant there are deeper issues at play I can't change, so a comment or even confrontation...
  4. Jack D

    Child services and my friend

    It was not my intention to post something this controversial or worrying in my life, but I am out of options, getting desperate. My friend is in dire need of help, which I have been trying to give to him, and has completely backfired for no fault of my own. To best explain the situation, I will...
  5. WhimperingRainbow

    Broken into so many pieces

    I grew up in a family of 9 siblings, my mom was my dad's second wife, I am her first child. I feel like I was never loved, I don't think that she never loved me, just that she had to show impartiality toward me when my half brothers and sisters were all staring at her every move, so she was...
  6. Rockclimbinggirl

    Did this actually happen?

    I remember a man exposing himself to me at a community centre when I was maybe 3-4 years old. I'd like to believe it didn't happen, but I really just don't know.
  7. BlueHealingHeart

    Consumed by the darkness

    ****Triggering warning**** This will probably be my last post for awhile. I have severe depression and suffer with PTSD and low self esteem due to being abused for 3 and half years. I got out of a abusive relationship and I'm easily triggered by things. Everyone keeps suggesting that I go out...