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  1. dude7691

    Feeling very conflicted

    Hi all :) Been here before, 3 years ago I joined I think now. Things have improved since then :) A bit of background on me before I go into the main thing I need some advice with. I'm 21, living in Wales and self employed (sort of). I'm currently doing a degree with the Open Uni in economics. I...
  2. perkypeachii

    I feel emotionally drained? Or scared?

    My ex had lied to me twice and broken my heart he comes back telling me he was trying to handle the death of his grandfather and that's why he acted the way he did. He said he never got over me and that I don't have to trust him because he has trust issues too and said he does not care how...
  3. Bl00dStaindSn0w

    My Father hates the mentally ill.

    I just witnessed my father blatantly and literally say that if he were a boss or manager, he would never hire anybody just because they had a history of being mentally ill. I became furious at this. He is my father, I also live with him. I am angry, but I hide my feelings of contempt for him...