cries for help

  1. WhiteRice

    I am a pathetic human being and I can never recover. I am a lost cause, incel, stupid and sad piece of trash. Pls help I will listen this time.

    Ever since I was young I could never grasp the concept of learning from my mistakes. I am too stupid to learn from them even though I am 20. I am probably one of the most pathetic human beings you could ever know. I am a 20-year-old loser with Aspergers that lives with his parents. I dropped out...
  2. Z

    No friends, no love, no hope

    No friends. That's right, none. I am not joking or exaggerating in the least bit when I say this. People don't dare to be around me. All throughout middle and high school, everyone on campus has always put in their best effort to stay away from me. I've also never had a GF. All around me, I seem...
  3. Broken21

    How to give someone space?

    I struggle with this a lot, like I can give them space but then I start to worry about them too much and feel the need to talk to them. Do you ask your friends for space? What are some things you expect from them? Is it annoying when they don't leave you alone? How do I know it's not a cry for...