1. S

    i don't know if i can do this

    I’m sorry I’m not pretty I’m sorry I’m not smart I’m sorry I’m failing I’m sorry I’m to blame I’m sorry I’m such a mess I’m sorry I can’t be proud I’m sorry I’m a person I’m sorry I was born I’m sorry you have to deal with me
  2. RedTerminator13

    I could only date someone that has picture evidence they have dated someone with a smaller penis

    I do not trust anybody that says they've been with someone smaller 4-5 inches vs 6-7 and enjoyed it more. I hate dating, I hate pornography, I hate how men have it so much harder than women just because of stupid genetics. Why couldn't everyone just have a generic size, the world would be a much...
  3. A


    What are your guys thoughts on NEETS? for those who don't know NEET is an acronym from The UK. it stands for Not In Employment Education Or Training it refers to people who are unemployed not in school and not in vocational training. I have been a NEET for 5 years now i used to go outside...