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    Collection of the best Psychiatric and Psychological/Therapy Online Resource Sites

    Collection of some of the best CONSOLIDATED Psychiatry/Psychology Telehealth websites! https://psychcentral.com/reviews/online-psychiatry
  2. st_91

    antidepressant change

    Ok. So I've been on sertraline for around 10 months. Went up to 150mg. Now they want me off them as not doing well, anything really. So going to start fluoxetine soon. Tapering down the sertraline, on 100mg so far. Feel ehh. This is thrid day on lower dose. Had headache yesterday and slight...
  3. Tear

    No one cares about me

    Hello everyone, I am feeling so alone. I often think that no one cares about me. Perhaps only my mother. I've lived so many years on this planet and I haven't managed to make friends or to have friends on the long-term. All I have are some virtual friends, that sometimes i think they don't...