• Hi - if you have tried to donate and found that it hasn't worked please can you hit me up in PM? (Freya) I am trying to figure out with paypal what the issue is and they are asking for more data. It doesn't seem to be affecting everyone. Thank you so much :)
  • Hi - It is possible that I have figured out part of the problem with the donations. I believe that if you try to use paypal balance or your debit/credit card that should work now. Bank transfer still seems glitchy. If you try with a card and it fails please can you let me know? Fingers crossed that part is resolved though. Thanks so much for the support - Freya


  1. zuicidalgoth

    tired of trying and confused.

    so when i first came to this site i was excited to be around these amazingly strong and brave people. so this site means everything to me. i have severe ocd so ocd tends to trigger on things that you care and cherish. becuz of that im scared shitless that i would post something inappropriate or...
  2. Organicmaplesyurp

    Nothing Works...

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. I need advice that will actually work. Something I haven't heard before. I applogize if my post comes across as sounding snarky, I'm just tired and desperate. I have had clinical depression for several years. In this time, I have seen therapists, taken...