existential angst

  1. N

    World/human population is 8 billion now. It keeps increasing. It doesn't even matter if one person is gone. It doesn't even matter if I'm gone or die.

    Most people probably don't think about this. People keep living everyday, thinking that their lives mean something; that their lives have meaning or purpose. Most people are even too busy with each their own survival mode everyday, which in today's world/era, it usually means people are busy...
  2. ChimeraMonster

    if Its just a matter of when, then why should people care If its now?

    Everyone is going to die anyway, it doesn't have any preorder, reason, plot or anything, you can be living for two days and die, or you can live for 80 years and see everyone else die. So why should you care? Why should I care? Its meaningless, tiring, hopeless and, in the end we will just end...
  3. EZ Writer

    I just need to open up about this sucky aspect of my life

    I recently told my husband I've never felt confident about anything. Ever.I told him this because we're at a crisis point in our lives. He was let go from his job. He's going to try to go freelance. As well as try to find regular work. But we lose our health insurance in less than a month...