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  1. Yellowmellow

    Friday 18 Jan 2019

    Guess what it’s Friday people!!! And I actually got the day right lol*dunno*dance1*dance2 So....... Let’s have a party people...
  2. Yellowmellow

    Jim's Cafe - Officially Friday!!11-01-19!!

    Am opening with a song I love and which carries me through the most can’t days Happy Thursday all Theme is today I’m doing it! Whatever it is, all you need to do is take the first step!
  3. 1964dodge

    Jims Cafe October 6 Saturday

    todays theme what is the one thing that makes you the happiest when you're feeling down and please help me with tags
  4. 1964dodge

    jims cafe-thursday october 4

    sorry my first try opening the café theme today how has SF helped me or other people and please help me with the tags
  5. AliceinWonderlannd

    Question number 16

    16. Who defines good and evil? If you think about the past when in the name of God they were killing with cruelty everyone they could i would say that the ones that have the power decide... The people who interpretate in their own way the rulles.. The majority But now i think mainly we decide...
  6. AliceinWonderlannd

    15 th question

    15. Why do people fear losing things that they do not even have yet? Because the fear of loosing is bigger than the fear or have.. Because we always focus so much on pain that we forget the joy Because we live so much in imaginary that we forget reality Because we are always scared
  7. AliceinWonderlannd


    14.. What makes a good friend? It s present. I had some problemes lately valutating my friendships..and everyone is different. I tend to be needy and ask too much from my friends..too many expectations..in the end i dont know exactlt what a good friend makes..because they can not be always...
  8. AliceinWonderlannd

    The 12 boring question

    12. What is reality? This question bores me..because it s too similar to the other one.. But i cant stop myself..i have to follow the order..than i am out:)) Mm..reality is what we think we know about things.. A dream is as real as an event happening during the day..for me Should know some...
  9. AliceinWonderlannd

    Question 11

    11. What is the truth? It s your perspective over things. That s why there can be always more "thruts". ...
  10. AliceinWonderlannd

    The 9

    9. What things hold you back from doing the things that you really want to? Oh..oh my..my cognitive distorsions..for sure! Those thoughts that keep bumping into your brain into the wrong moment