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  1. Jack D

    Practical Advice Wanting to isolate myself from friends

    I will need to explain a few things first so that I can get the right advice for this context, sorry for the long read. Until a few weeks ago, I used to be fairly cold and stubborn when it came down to what was on my mind and refusing to talk about things with anybody until I basically had a...
  2. BlueKoala

    My friends made me extremely upset

    Hey, everyone. Sorry, but this one is kinda long... I just want to explain everything in detail. So for the past 3 days I’ve been really upset... 2/3 people in my friend group made me breakdown into tears and the other made me nearly break down (the latter had made me feel worse at the end of...
  3. Pointless97

    It happened.

    I messed up. I was thrust out of the friend group. I got into an argument with someone, long story short, I was way out of line. When everyone got mad at me I didn't respond with rationale I responded in even more anger. This spiralled quickly. However this guy I argued with, I stopped...
  4. Z

    No friends, no love, no hope

    No friends. That's right, none. I am not joking or exaggerating in the least bit when I say this. People don't dare to be around me. All throughout middle and high school, everyone on campus has always put in their best effort to stay away from me. I've also never had a GF. All around me, I seem...
  5. L

    No friends...

    Feel like I've no friends. I have two, but they live far away and we only have contact a few times a year. Have no one close to me and no one to talk to on a daily basis. And I miss that sooo much sometimes. Feel isolated. :( What's life without friends....? Please tell me.
  6. R

    Anyone from dublin?

    Hey guys, would anyone want to hang out and <Mod Edit:Guidelines> I want to find some friends in real life..
  7. Lexy-Time Waster

    I Finally Graduated- help me celebrate

    I finally graduated college yesterday and I felt like I had no one to celebrate with! None of my classmates even took a picture with me sigh and I looked good too. I spent so much money on Hair and makeup and I looked beautiful, I got compliments from them but I’m just not close enough to anyone...
  8. madridland

    I need to tell my friends...

    2 of my friends are currently mad at me and and aren't talking with me. One is my roommate which makes it really hard. I'm really struggling and need help from my friends though but since their mad at me I feel like I can't bring my feelings of depression and thoughts of suicide up to them...
  9. moonshadow00

    So alone

    Lately, I've been seeing the bad side of things a lot more and just isolating myself. My relationship feels so one-sided now even though not even 3 months ago he proposed. which honestly I feel was just him realizing he loved me but he never wants to listen to me but I always listen to him but...
  10. Jazlyn

    I'm very low

    Hi everyone hope your doing well. I'm not today. Everyone says its ok to go through the motions of depression but I hate it. I hate living with this parasite that takes over my brain. I try my hardest to be a good hearted person to put others before myself but why is it no one would ever do what...
  11. Hazel lancaster

    Anyone here from India?

    Anyone? U.P.??
  12. N

    Why No New Firends?

    I started high school recently, but have not been able to make any new friends, even though everyone else from my school have made a lot. Also, I am a pretty good person, so I don't know why. This post is pretty vague, but if anyone responds, I'll elaborate.
  13. S

    I knew I shouldn't have said anything

    I have feelings for one of my best friend. Yes, I know, it's very typical and cliche and all that noise, which is why I told myself nothing would ever come of it. I knew he didn't reciprocate, and I don't know when my feelings for him turned into something romantic rather than platonic, but I...
  14. N

    I can't take it anymore...

    My high school journey will come to an end this summer. Although it's been an amazing experience that I wouldn't trade for the world, there's only one thought that gets me sad every time it crosses my mind: her. I met her 4 years ago, and almost instantly took a liking to her. We got very close...
  15. M

    im a terrible person

    hi, please help. ive been a really terrible person and it honestly makes me feel sick, so im going to tell the story of what i did in the hopes that some of you could help me out with fixing everything. so my best friend, A, was being offensive about a topic that my other friend, B, uses as a...
  16. Ann Onymous

    Advice on Reaching Out to People?

    Hello, friends! I was wondering if anyone had experience with opening up about mental illness with friends/acquaintances. I'm not in the best of places right now and as per every "Suicide Prevention/Depression" pamphlet, I want to avoid isolating myself and try to find comfort in others...
  17. Maria2120

    I feel the most lonely I've ever felt.

    So I guess this has to do with family, friends and relationships. I'm one of the younger people on here and I just want to know I'm not the only one who ever feels this way. I've been doing so well. I haven't SH since thanks giving day. I honestly thought I was doing okay. But now I feel this...
  18. Butterfly

    Jim's Cafè - Monday 13th June

    Good morning guys and girls! Starting the cafè early today! I'm just waking up before I get ready for my big day. I must have woken up every hour last night. I was most disappointed when I woke up thinking it was about 3am and it was only 11.30pm!!! Think I will sneak in a tea before I get...
  19. Viktor

    I'm alone, nobody likes me, loosing friends

    I didn't post here for a long time. It's because every time i'm thinking about posting here, i find out that i would need to explain lots of stuff in long wall of text again. And since i know that talking or writing about it won't fix my life, i decide to not writing anything. I don't even know...
  20. Rockclimbinggirl

    Putting myself first

    I feel bad when I put my own wellbeing first. I am trying to be more compassionate to myself and see myself like I would a friend. Does anyone else do this? How do you deal with it?