1. Soda-Voxel

    The Acronym Game

    I like making acronyms and I thought this would make a fun game. We suggest a word then the next person makes an acronym out of it, then suggests a word for the next person. Etc. Example: Person 1: Epic. Person 2: Extremely Pretty, Incredibly Cool. USA. Person 3: Unusually Short Acronym...
  2. Tana

    Played any good games lately?

    I wanted to share this new isometric RPG I've been playing. It's currently in early access. It's called "Enclosed" and it's about being in a dome with no exit, but the dome has a lot of artefacts we don't know how to use. You can pick several "classes" to play as, I picked the scientific class...
  3. Mremptyinside

    Cutest Animal Picture Competition!

    I LOOOOOVE cute animel Pictures, and Photos and i want a post where we can share those with everyone else. Animals in general make us smile, cute animals even more so, and smiling means Happyiness. Just something i found to proove my point, most of you alredy know this but i want you to read it...
  4. ChimeraMonster

    Miitomo, Lets play together.

    someone had heard about nintendo smartphoneapp called miiitomo? lets addd each other! post yourprofile links here!
  5. SinisterKid

    Whats in a Word

    Some words just irritate the hell out of me. So I want words you would like to see officially banned from use everywhere.
  6. CandleLight

    Distraction/ game: 3 Things

    List 3 things you see, from wherever you are at right now. I see: 1. A houseplant. It's a cactus of some sort. 2. The kitchen nook bench across from me. 3. My fuzzy dog sleeping across the room.