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  1. Affirm

    First time in a while I can say I'm happy

    Father died when I was 4-5. Up until I was 13, I had near-constant self-isolation. It was all I knew. I would never do anything due to neglectfulness, and a lack of basic skills that had yet to be built. Even afterwards, suicidal depression still continued to weak havoc on my mental health...
  2. Tana

    something maybe relatable....on being "fake"

    Some days are better than others...but when I say better, I mostly just mean "you're" numb or distracted....sometimes actually "fine", as you'd say after any casual "how are you" questions would pop up...but you've forgotten what being "happy" feels like, and you can't even recall if you ever...
  3. darkdaisy

    say something positive!!

    i am feeling pretty good at the moment but i know this feeling won’t last for long... feel free to say something motivational, or something good that’s going on in the world. in this post let’s try to spread joy, laughs, and smiles to everyone who views this:)
  4. CBunny9

    New relationship ... and the best so far

    Idk how to start or what to say. I’m just so happy with him. I’ve never felt like this with anyone. Usually when I’m in a relationship I have this feeling of lingering doubt, like, “Hmmm idk if this is it, do I really like him or do I just want to be with someone?” But with him I’m so sure I...