high school

  1. S

    Might not graduate to the next year

    (hi, this is my first post here, i've been lurking for a little while.) this is my main concern these days. i've struggled with suicidal ideation and mental disorders for years, and was doing relatively well for the first time in forever earlier this year. i don't know what i did wrong. suddenly...
  2. Raven

    When they tell you how they're feeling...

    (Maybe triggers) Here's the background: Because of the coming September 10th (the Teachers' Day in my country, teachers were celebrating), all the students in my school had to study without stopping for about 6 hrs. That was a painful experience with difficult math problems. btw I remembered...
  3. N

    Why No New Firends?

    I started high school recently, but have not been able to make any new friends, even though everyone else from my school have made a lot. Also, I am a pretty good person, so I don't know why. This post is pretty vague, but if anyone responds, I'll elaborate.