1. CBunny9

    New relationship ... and the best so far

    Idk how to start or what to say. I’m just so happy with him. I’ve never felt like this with anyone. Usually when I’m in a relationship I have this feeling of lingering doubt, like, “Hmmm idk if this is it, do I really like him or do I just want to be with someone?” But with him I’m so sure I...
  2. CBunny9

    I’ve never had this happen before

    So I’m sort of seeing this guy I really really like who was my ASL teacher for six weeks. We got to be good friends. He’s in Bangladesh rn with his family until Jan 22nd and we talk every day and he makes me feel so beautiful and appreciated and important and special. It’s really different and...
  3. CBunny9

    I think my meds are finally starting to work again

    I was put on Zoloft after being on Prozac for so long that my body stopped responding. When I first when on Zoloft I felt amazing after a month or so and then the dosage settled in I guess and I started feeling shitty again. My doctor has bumped up my dose twice now and this last time recently...