1. ElleisForLisa

    The view from my cabin in the dark woods

    Canadians and others across the globe were treated to an aurora borealis display last Friday night due to a severe geomagnetic storm. Green, pink, yellow and blue vistas were photographed throughout the night. Saying I love the sky at night would be an understatement. it’s my favorite time and...
  2. NothingMuch

    How to Sleep by Rafael Pelayo MD

    This was informative and helped me out a lot.
  3. Battlecry

    Insomnia please release me!

    I guess this constitutes a rant... Aaaaaaaggggggghhh! Oh my fucking god!! What is wrong with my brain?! Aaaaaaaggggggghhh! Amongst the many evil habits it has, refusing to let me sleep is categorically sat within the Top 3 (after 1. Suicidal ideation 2. Depression). I've relied upon...
  4. S

    Dealing with past regrets and negative thoughts.

    Lately I've been hit by old memories and thoughts about what I should or could have done 10-15 years ago. The same old memories on a loop day and night for the past 2 months. Not productive at all. It's really driving me insane, and especially hard to handle with my insomnia. I've tried to...
  5. Upsetti

    Tonight is horrible

    I don't really know what happened, but this is the worst I've felt in a while. My depression has been pretty well under control as of lately, but these last few weeks have been horrible. I harmed for the first time in months. Tonight I feel like I'm going to again. I've let down a lot of...