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jim's cafe

  1. Dante

    Jim's Cafe - 26th March 2021

    Hello all, it turns out I kinda wanted to do a Cafe today, and not only that, the days here are crap. Its "purple day", "Spinach Day", "Nougat Day" and more of the like, only 1 is actually decent, and I will be running with it like a child who had just pinched the whole cookie jar for...
  2. Dante

    Jim's Cafe 20/03/21

    I had a rather tough week this last week, I just couldn't get out of a serious funk following a night of bad decisions and alcohol, but.... IM BACK BABY!!! *stars And just in time for International Happiness Day! So sit back, try to think happy thoughts, and welcome to Jim's Cafe! In the Spirit...
  3. Dante

    Jim's Cafe - 28th February 2021

    Once again, I am seeing a ponderous lack of Cafe for today, so here it is, Jim's Cafe back again. It would be great to see more people putting these up, it doesnt have to be big, it doesnt have to be themed, and it doesnt have to have graphics created on some website I found online, it doesnt...
  4. Tana

    Jim's Cafe 7th March 2020

    Today's topic: ART! 1. Which form of art (creative pursuits) is your favourite? (From music and books to cooking, whatever you'd consider "art". :)) 2. Do you practice any form/s of art? Which? 3. Is there any form of art you would like to practice sometime in the future? 4. Who is your...
  5. key726

    Jim’s Cafe 25/7/19

    So, today is my birthday. And in the spirit of birthdays, I want to know what toy, or other present, you remember wanting more than anything in the world and if you received it or not? And/or, what was the best present you ever got? For me, both answers have to be my DS. I felt so special when I...
  6. WatchingPlanesFlyBy

    Jim's Cafe Thursday March 30 2017

    Goooooooood morning/afternoon/evening cafe goers! Today we're in for a real treat. The cafe has been transformed into a Mediterranean cafe! There's delicious cardamon tea on tap and all the warm pita, falafel and hummus you can eat! So come on in, take your shoes off (unless they're...
  7. WatchingPlanesFlyBy

    Jim's Cafe March 26 2017

    Good day all you lovely patrons, the cafe is open! I figured today we'd have ourselves some breakfast burritos! What would you like on yours? We have a lovely variety of ingredients thanks to @baywasp and @walkerbait95 visiting the farmer's market. @Acanthi and @Silverpuddle are on coffee...
  8. WatchingPlanesFlyBy

    Jim's Cafe-Saturday, February 4 2017

    Good morning all you wonderful patrons, the cafe is open for business :) It's a beautiful (albeit chilly!) day here and I thought we all deserved a nice hot breakfast brought to you by our local chef @Witty_Sarcasm complete with muffins baked by @Acanthi and @avalanchefan95. There's...