long distance

  1. Evael

    Long-distance relationships.

    Hello. I haven't visited this website in a while, but I have recently come across something and want some advice. Recently, I met a girl online, who has since become romantically attracted to me. We are relatively close - in terms of how well we've come to know eachother, at least. Physically...
  2. Iwuv

    Ideas & Opinions I need some advice//

    Hello. I just need a bit of an opinion on this.. I'm not one for easily making friends. I dont get what about me keeps people away, but I've never had a true friend who would be there for me no matter what. After years of not having close relationships with anyone, I've finally forged an...
  3. _Christian_

    Hopeless Romantic or Just Hopeless?

    I have always had problems with relationships, that is nothing new. After yet another botched relationship that ended with me getting cheated on yet again.. I decided I was done searching, Id let them find me. I am a nerd at heart, and I enjoy my online video games. Well I met this wonderful...