1. Tana

    Favorite meditation/s?

    If you know of any videos, audios which helped you with what you're dealing with either temporarily or otherwise, post them here. Here's one which gave me a sense of relief a good few times (aimed at depression): For social phobia, listening to loud noises and such helped a lot, allowing...
  2. SonjaRot

    Meditation 30 days

    I feel sort of confused today. Some flashbacks merge with the illusion of the future. Expectations become overshadowed by pessimism, hope wrestles with scepticism. A strange mix of all feelings that guide nowhere. I have been wanting to try meditation for a long time now. Maybe it could...
  3. neverfadeaway

    How do you meditate ?

    I chant Hare Krishna Maha Mantra. It calms down my mind and helps me focus. I am not against any religion nor I am strict follower. I am a just a simple guy wanting to get better in life. This mantra meditation has been super helpful in my recovery. Just curious about other as how they...
  4. JustLovely

    Helpful Apps

    Hello! Do you use or know any good applications for a smartphone that help you get relaxed, distract you from bad thoughts or feelings, help you fall asleep etc? I myself use those: My Oasis - Relaxing Sanctuary It's an app that requires you to tap on the screen and do simple quests to gain...
  5. A

    Has anyone tried meditation or hypnosis (in favor of meds/traditional therapy?)

    Just what the title says :) I'm rather against meds as often the list of side effects is endless and quite terrifying (loss of bladder control etc :p ) Sooo, I'm thinking to try meditation /hypnosis to tackle depression, low self esteem, anxiety (especially social anxiety! ) . So, has anyone...