1. WhiteRice

    I dont know if I can enjoy life anymore. Nothing is worth living in life and I have 0 purpose. Why is scuide not acceptable if I am a giant waste.

    I want to genually kill myself but I have no way in doing so. I have 0 friends and I have 0 purpose in life other than to waste peoples fucking time. Nobody genually loves me or ever reaches out to me because people know I am a waste of space that should get a rope. I work a shit job that barely...
  2. TheGreek

    Mental trauma can cause facial asymmetry?

    Hey, I noticed something since I lost my mother (and only family) to cancer in 2015. Since then in my pictures you can tell my face is not symmetric anymore. Before this I was a nice looking person, but after that I really look weird and ugly. You know that mask half crying half laughing...
  3. darkdaisy

    when to go to a mental institution

    what are the signs and signals when you or a close person should be in a mental hospital?
  4. P

    Haven't got any better

    in fact it gets worse... Hello, that's basically my second thread on this forum. In a way i feel i should just write something and maybe someone will respond. I don't know what life is to be honest. It's 6 am here right now, i can't even sleep, i just stayed awake all night. i'm tired of all of...
  5. Lee Hadfield

    Mental health

    Hi my names Lee I'm 27 and have been suffering with depression ever since I was 17 and recently iv been feeling really horrible and suicidal and spaced out in a world of my own and looking up differnt organisations and it's stupid how the phones are only on from 9am till 4;30pm I think it's...