1. Verity Clarke

    Should I continue with my work trial?

    I have a 2 week work trial that seems ok. It isnt going to pay much, it's £21k a year. I doubt ill be able to save any money with the cost of living in London. I got scammed about an air b'n'b rental place which has put me out £1305. I'm now living in hotels and I've nearly run out of savings...
  2. qteallex

    Haven't really been dealing with reality the last year/ benefits guilt

    I'm an unemployed (high school educated) 22 y/o leech living with my parents, hiding in my bedroom most of the time but do a couple chores and walk the dog. Manage to shower about once a week, mostly manage to brush my teeth, almost never manage to stay out of bed. So, I had been daydreaming a...
  3. Anne.Pera

    Huge debts, depression, social problems...

    Like everything is going well; decade ago I needed to get a surgery and chemo; and I had to work for this... Working as a paramedic, for so long; but It was not enough, needed a credit... Then, a day stopped working, stuck in a home for 3-4 years. Now, I couldn't pay just 15k € and it...
  4. T

    Can u plz help me to earn some money online. Online job

    R really want some money. I m out of this. I don't want beggary I want to work. Plz help. People around me r against me to earn but I want to earn. They keep me in a room can I earn online help me please
  5. Misty S.

    Need a job. Can't get a job. Can't deal.

    I'm 20 and never had a job. The entirety of the time I've been with my bf, I haven't been making money. He did help me once get a job at the restaurant where he used to work but they let me go after a month (they even had me work new year's eve) and I only ever received one paycheck worth $35...