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  1. Auri

    Theme Night Summary #1 - Finding and maintaining purpose in life

    I'm sorry about the delay, I am terrible. :D Hopefully you'll have forgotten the discussion enough to be interested in reading the summary today! It's a long one, I wanted to include everyone's ideas, and lots of them are direct quotes from our wonderful members. I hope something resonates with...
  2. Dante

    Where do you find the will?

    I have been deteriorating lately, I have kept my tendency to depression in check for a while, not really free of it, but under control, but too much isolation, monster commute, lack of sleep, stress, etc is making me spiral a bit, and I am officially out of any real motivation. I know I will...
  3. alixer

    Interest versus Passion

    I just finished talking to my therapist about my chronic lack of motivation. It's not a trivial matter. My lack of motivation has led me to dark places where the only thing I have been motivated to do was attempt. Sorry for being bleak, but I just wanted to communicate this is an important topic...
  4. Freyja

    "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" Help with interviews.

    Hello everyone. Not sure if I should post this here or in the « I have a question » section. I’ve been having a lot of dilemmas recently and I may go job hunting again later this year. Like most people, I assume, I hate interviews, and I hate even more the fact that in my field it takes between...
  5. CBunny9

    Does anyone else use a bullet journal?

    I started one this week and I’m obsessed. In case anyone doesn’t know what it is, I’ll throw some links down at the bottom of this post cause it’s AMAZING. I’m using mine as a planner, a journal, as well as a tracker for things like shows or movies I want to watch, books I want to read, my...
  6. Rafs

    Be Thankful.

    So I've recently started writing whatever comes to my mind when I'm feeling more anxious and depressed as a way to calm me down and help me relax. I'll just share something I just now finished writing as I think it can help anyone struggling right now. Much love everyone, hugs. -Be Thankful...
  7. Rafs

    News and first time in therapy!

    Hi there SF. I posted an update thread about 2 months ago, and this is kind of a continuation on that thread. So uni started about a month ago. 2nd year computer science. I was doing good and was in a relationship with a girl I really liked and was one of my best friends here. She's in the same...
  8. SonjaRot

    Raw Motivational Misic

    Everyone can post! :) From brutal to emotional, the main point is MOTIVAAATIOOONNNN! Give this a chance, one of the best friking songs ever made!
  9. alixer

    Looking for motivation partner

    Hello, I'm tired of feeling dread. I have big ambitions, and I know I can accomplish them. I know this, because I have accomplished incredible things in the past, such as received advanced degrees, lost weight, changed careers, succeeded in moving to new places, and helped those who couldn't...
  10. Coleslaw124

    How to overcome self sabotage?

    I'm my own worst enemy when it comes to getting what I need or want out of life. I quit too soon and panic too easily. I want to start over with a new goal but I don't know where to start or how to prevent the past from repeating. What gives you purpose? How to you define success and what...
  11. A


    I am trying to pull myself out of an emotional funk and have decided to give out some food to people. I plan to give it to people through street outreach. I need a good name for my plan and I can't think of one. I was thinking something related to unicorns but the ideas came out all wrong. I...
  12. Jack D

    Motivation for work

    As some of my previous rantings may suggest, I am pretty awful at keeping myself willing and motivated to do work and certain assignments, and at University, this is especially a problem. Rather than complain and spout out my usual rantings about it as I normally would, I've decided to be more...
  13. Cathy

    How do you guys get yourself to do anything?

    I thought it would be nice to make a thread on how everyone motivates themselves to do anything. From things to getting out of bed, taking a shower or doing the dishes, to bigger stuff like doing your homework or finishing a project from work or school. As someone diagnosed with borderline I...
  14. Maria2120


    Okay.. to everyone reading (If anyone) I'm trying. Yeah I'm not doing so well but for the first time in a while I think I understand life goes on. I'm currently skipping class & I know not good. But I'm out in nature smoking (also not so good I know) but just sitting here taking in nature even...
  15. Snake on the Moon

    What are some songs that help you feel good?

    Sometimes when I'm down, I look to music as a way to recover. Whether it's music for empathy, music for reminding me of what to focus on, music to help me cry and have a release of built up emotions, or music that sparks joy. I'm curious to know what songs other people go for when they want to...
  16. memyselfand1

    A new healthy life

    Hiya All I have got some excellent news to tell you, I am finally changing my lifestyle for the better, I am giving up all refined sugar (that's in cakes, sweets and chocolate) and I am only having them as treats such as Easter and Christmas and occasionally throughout the year. I've also made...
  17. Kate123

    How to sprinkle colour on a gray life?

    Hello. I haven't tried writing a thread before so not sure if I'm doing it right, but I hope I'm expressing myself so that you can somehow understand what I mean. :) I've had negative emotions for many years, which have worked out fine, but I suppose the last couple of years have been quite...