1. Court

    A poem I wrote!

    There is so many things I wish to say, There is so many things I wish to do, but all I want to do is to see you. There was no real goodbye, no silent cry, no please help me, no worries and replies. Suicide is a silent killer, for some it’s the painkiller, this must stop, It must not be an...
  2. N

    In case I don’t see you

    In case I don’t see you When my eyes are clouded over And when I’ve become one with the earth When I’m all just a memory Do not grip upon the past Nor the burden of remembering it Look forward as I once could And see what I did not /////// Sometimes, in my moments of despair, I find inspiration...
  3. A

    Jack (an original poem)

    There once was a boy who had an ability, To be able to see things that others could not see, He went by the name of jack, His friends whispered behind his back, For they thought he was crazy, To be able to see things that they could not see, The monsters and ghouls taunted him, But during the...
  4. no_one_special

    What resembles the grave but isn’t - by Anne Boyer

    My psychologist showed me this poem the other day and it really inspired me. I thought maybe someone here would like it. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place or if this breaks any rules against plagiarism. WHAT RESEMBLES THE GRAVE BUT ISN’T Always falling into a hole, then saying “ok...
  5. Odd_Panda24

    Eyes of Innocence

    This is really a poem like outlet that needs to be let out: Thinking back on it now, ending that long relationship had only ended the "you" that i used to love and hang onto so dearly, along with the "me" that was honestly happy and felt accepted With every cell in my body, I cant erase your...