1. ellierose

    rape rape rape. Cries

    Hi, Here i am again. wait dont leave. its funny how fucked you get after being drained and un able to cope. I am honest I love layla but recently i feel like i cant cope. im stressing if i am loosing myself due to my repeat attacks by my dad. he goes to the police station but gets let out the...
  2. W

    Im not sure

    So when I was about 8, I used to cycle between my real home and my godmothers home when my mom was working (nurse-12 hour shifts). My godmother has an adopted son roughly 5/6 years older and we used to sleep in the same room. On one particular night I went to sleep as usual, fell asleep and then...
  3. Grayce

    I just need to know

    So about a year ago, I went to a friend's house. It was my friend (no names, just initials) A's house (female), our mutual friend B(male), my best friend S (female) and myself all at this little party. A's brother got us some alcohol because hey we're teenagers and like to do stupid shit. He...
  4. T

    I dunno wht to do my parents dont support me

    When I was 7 my brother of 11 tricked me into performing oral sex on him I didnt know it was wrong until he told me tht it was our secret. I told my dad 3 days later and he told me brothers dont snitch on each other I was devastated so when I came to the usa to meet my mom I was very attached to...