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  1. Affirm

    Having a routine

    A part of my recovery from depression, with which I've had a suicide attempt, isolation, cutting, and more, having a routine was easily the biggest factor in my recovery. For awhile it (routines) felt like I was pretending to be someone I wasn't, forcing a smile, or that it was just a temporary...
  2. Affirm

    First time in a while I can say I'm happy

    Father died when I was 4-5. Up until I was 13, I had near-constant self-isolation. It was all I knew. I would never do anything due to neglectfulness, and a lack of basic skills that had yet to be built. Even afterwards, suicidal depression still continued to weak havoc on my mental health...
  3. Gracie Gregg

    The Struggle to Reach Fresh Air

    It's been a while since I've visited this community, but lately it's been harder to keep all these thoughts to myself. When I was 14 already in my first abusive relationship and being the unknowing little girl I was, I kept with the relationship 3 years before he left me for someone else. He...
  4. Arwen

    I'm leaving University!! :O

    After struggling through my first year at uni and nearly failing, then convincing myself i can get better and just work harder in my second year i've worn myself out sooooo much and feel worse than ever and know that i'm jst gonna fail this year if i carry on. And i'm scared if i try and carry...
  5. pooky

    How to live a productive life with schizophrenia without medication!!

    Hi, I have schizophrenia. My illness was diagnosed in 2005. It has been an intense journey after that. Now I have stopped taking medications for the past five or six months and its going fine. I am male,28 from India. Here are some things that can help you to be healthy, happy and productive...
  6. CandleLight

    Hey, I can be in an opera if I want.

    I had forgotten all about the "extras" operas use for large productions, called supernumeraries. I was reminded of these opera extras watching an episode of Mad Men, no less. My best friend during high school introduced me to the opera, and her parents both rose through the ranks beginning as...
  7. E

    Tired again

    How best can you ensure a bad day is but a bad day? Everything was promising after 2 days work. Today (Sunday) I couldn't make my Easter dinner, I'm going to eat anyway (and healthily) but I'd been looking forward to it. Napped, feel fuzzier, the same music to motivate me this morning sounds...
  8. Butterfly

    Medication Compliance and My Struggle

    I wasn't really sure where to post this but I figured it would be suitable for the Suicide Forum, so apologies in advance. To cut a long story short, I have an issue with medication compliance and I stopped taking my meds before Christmas. I am not entirely sure why I did it. I just kinda ran...