1. M

    May, April, june

    Hello forum, I want to talk about what a useless piece of shit I am. I am hopeful that I can put all of my thoughts here. put it simply, the feeling of wanting to die is slowly creeping up behind me... Again. I'll put everything into segments. 1. Love, if you've seen my ( two ) other posts, you...
  2. ellierose

    Will I die?

    Yes, I went to get my arm checked out due to a problem after a SH situation, I have felt okay over the last week until now, I have been crying myself to sleep I can't stop thinking about what my dad did to me, I keep blaming myself as other things that have happened keep getting brought up and...
  3. Dante

    Being a grown-ass-man sucks.

    I hear kids complaining and whining all the time about nothing and I always resent them. I'm just sitting here, doleful and world-weary in my bedroom alone, if I was a child and I felt like I do now, I would be crying like someone was trying to gut me with a butcher's knife and running to my mum...
  4. RichardJenkins


    Please is there real help for those with Panic disorder/SAD?
  5. BlueKoala

    I’m feeling very bad and guilty

    Hello, I’ve been feeling worse than usual. Usually I don’t get these feelings of such degree, but I feel... bad. I’m part of the LGBT (B) and I’m living with anti-LGBT parents. I feel like I’m useless, they were supporting me all of this time, and I just let them down on the one thing they are...
  6. H

    Practical Advice Long story, I cheated and now what

    Hey everyone, I’m new to this so I’m not too sure about how this works so bare with me here... So I’m in a relationship and have been for about a year and a month. Recently I went to a friends house who’s a girl, and a lesbian (we’ll call her sally) . I am also a girl but i am bisexual. Anyway...
  7. FiveAs_

    "Love yourself"

    "You look beautiful" means nothing unless you believe it So stop telling me that tight black dress looks good on me because honestly I feel disgusting in it And it's too tight around my belly to the point where it makes me want to puke everything I ever ate And stop telling me "love yourself"...
  8. Mayarian

    Why Im So Weak?

    Why I cant face a problem without crying alone? Why I cant hold my tears and just be like anyone else, hang in there? Today its just a simple mess. I have an evaluation not doing it well bcs of nervous. My friend that in the same team with me did it really well, she really is. She's kinda a off...
  9. Kira

    Honestly, what's the point?

    Firstly, I've posted in this section as I don't want any advice or to hear any well meaning suggestions. I know people here care but there's honestly nothing anyone can do for me. So, I've been meaning to do a Safety Plan for a really long time and thought about doing it today but then I...
  10. Bl00dStaindSn0w

    How does one live life without friends?

    Face to face interaction is needed daily for a healthy life. But what is one to do if everyone abandons me, us, because we just need more help than the next person? What did we do to deserve such maltreatment? Is respect a luxury? Is being loved a luxury? If so, then what is this life that we...
  11. lightning05


    A few years ago a friend of mine committed suicide. We grew up together and in high school we were on the same sports teams and we always lived near each other. After we graduated we lost touch but his disappearance and death was a complete shock to everyone. A couple of nights ago I had a dream...
  12. IFeelLikeAnAlien95

    Feeling like I don't exist

    3 weeks ago I fell down some stairs and i broke my 5th metatarsal. It has left me unable to work and house-bound. Lately I've felt really isolate and worthless. It's like I don't exist anymore. Since I'm on crutches its hard to get out or do much and i feel like a pest if i go out because its a...
  13. JustAnotherIdiot

    very sad

    I have no friends so I need a friend and a hug
  14. A


    My head hurts and I feel so lonely. Maybe there is going to be a breakthrough of some sort, but I feel horrible. Thank you for listening to me ache over and over. I remember everyone who responds and it is kind of them.
  15. A


    I have tried to open up all these years and people have been cold or mean. I wanted to date and could not find anyone who would respond to me. It is extremely painful to me and I don't think staying open did me any good. I have lost so much faith that it is hard to have any interaction with...
  16. A

    life celebration

    I went to a funeral held on a college campus yesterday for someone/ a manager who died recently (from a job that I have just resigned from.) It was for both the person I knew, who died from a random heart issue and also for a young man who died from a suicide. There were a lot of people there...
  17. A


    I did an application at a temp agency and then toured a manufacturer of tools and was called to do a training shift. I was asked to go in early for third shift and ask for Ivan. I went to the security and they asked if I had id and then I pointed out my passport and they asked do I have a...
  18. A

    in pain

    Hello I was abused in a sexual way as a child and teenager by my mom's ex husband. I was assaulted as an adult by someone I was seeing a long time ago. I am in a lot of pain and needed to get this off my chest. I tried to find help in real life. I feel hurt.
  19. A


    My head hurts and I am just overwhelmed. I wish I felt loved in real life. I am in too much pain to share my story. Annette.
  20. Samadhi

    Very sad right now

    Hey everyone, I hope you're doing well. I'm trying all that I can to help myself, although I'm very sad right now. My family members all tell me I'm the apple of their eye, and that they love me more than anything. It's just that, I have OCD, and everyday is such a struggle, I continue on in...