self harm

  1. I

    What the hell is wrong with me?

    so, ive had a brain tumour. I went through a traumatic surgery. I became epileptic again for a short while. It was hell. i got past this and got the tests back from my doc. And its all good news. And all i could think, while my parents basically celebrated was; fuck, i never really cared whether...
  2. Court

    Gone to far to say goodbye

    Afraid of what’s going to happen next - I haven’t self harmed in a week, I know how stupid it sounds of me to say that I do want to. It’s mixed suicidal tendencies and thoughts alongside self harm thoughts and emotions. Reason being, me and my ex spilt up about 3 months ago, we stayed friends...
  3. Innocent Forever

    Self harm - harmless 2022-10-02

    A workbook that explores who you are and why you may self harm. It's written for use as an adjunctive to professional help, it's not a replacement.
  4. ellierose

    TW Eating Disorder - *Please read* Sad

    Trigger Warning - I have suffered with Anorexia for a couple of years got admitted in hospital because I was doing it for a recource of self harm but also felt ugly and gross in my own body and waking up wanting to be a model. I just find it hard to hold on with the progress and I was doing so...
  5. Soda-Voxel

    I don’t feel safe being alone anymore.

    I keep imagining, planning, researching horrible things. The urge to hurt myself is too great. When I’m alone in my room I’m thinking of bad things. I can’t imagine what I could do next time I am home alone. I feel sick to my stomach. I don’t trust myself anymore, because of how much I hate...
  6. Sewicide

    Empathy Only I realized I don’t want to disappear—I want to be found

    It’s no surprise that I want someone to see my pain. So many people want this otherwise this website wouldn’t exist. I tried to get drunk this evening to escape my reality and then self-harm... but my body physically rejected the alcohol. And it wasn’t even that strong... so then I tried...
  7. Sewicide

    Empathy Only Self harm addiction, BPD splitting and dissociation

    I am very triggered to hurt myself again like I did last night. I just want to tear into myself. I hate my existence so much. I can’t describe it... it’s this deep urge to just shred my skin. Everything is so awful and painful. I need to hurt myself to help me feel something else other than...
  8. Sewicide

    Empathy Only I relapsed pretty bad last night

    Hi. Thank you for reading, if you do. I got home after a 16 hour shift last night, smoked a cigar, got drunk, and hurt myself. I got drunk enough that I could do it without immediately stopping but also enough that I knew when to stop. Today, I had to drive to meet someone to sign some formal...
  9. B

    too busy to seek help

    i had history of seeing counsellors due to anxiety. but i stopped bc i thought i was doing fine. i really thought i was doing fine, so in uni i took a lot of committee work alongside my assignment, and im also a freelance writer and finally landed in writing job. i thought everything was fine...
  10. R

    I want to <mod edit - method>

    I've been stuck in a bipolar low since Thursday night. I was manic because my artwork and spoken word were being featured at a show at the university I used to attend. I was a star, I was on top of the world, I felt like god was inside me. Now I'm just really numb and I want to <mod edit -...
  11. H

    Don't deserve help Rant

    i always say when I'm skinny or lose more weight I will get help and go to therapy because I don't deserve to get help if I'm fat. I don't deserve to get better because I have never attempted suicide (I want to kill myself but I'm a fucking pussy) and am not depressed or suicidal enough. I don't...
  12. B

    I gave up my family for her and now ......

    I gave up my family for my partner they made me choose and i chose her i had 3 kids with her my life is her then out of the blue its over but i have to live with her as i have nowhere els and cant afford to live alone iv had mixed signals since she told me she loved me but said she diddnt have...
  13. Fighter86

    Cannot see a way forward

    Suffering extreme emotional/psychological torment from being in a 2 year relationship with a woman with BPD/NPD traits. Painful memories are consuming my mind. I feel hopeless and helpless to stop the agony I feel. She couldn't have made me feel any less of a human being than I've felt and...
  14. Fighter86

    I can't take it anymore...abusive GF

    I'm so exhausted with the amount of emotional battering I've taken from my girlfriend over the last 2 years. She's verbally aggressive, conscending, belitteling, sarcastic, cruel and judgemental. It doesn't happen all the time, but enough to make me feel like nothing at times. I've just felt so...
  15. Jena

    I can't believe its happening again

    My thoughts are going wild. My anxiety is high. My thoughts gravitate towards SH and suicidal urges. They came on strong this time. Its only been 3 days since my anxiety has peaked and stayed peaked. But its like the thoights are mpre freauents stronger. I have a hard time denying them. I gave...
  16. Battlecry

    Depression. What the hell is it REALLY like??

    So, having told my story in brief in another post, I thought I would spend some time reflecting upon what it actually feels like to be mental. I don't mean for that to sound flippant - it's simply my way of dealing with it. And because I imagine this is going to be somewhat cathartic, I'm going...
  17. Rockclimbinggirl

    Wtf *may trigger

    Ugh. Hate what I am remembering right now. Mom hitting herself and calling herself stupid. Daring me to agree. Feeling responsible for it. For all the stuff mom hates about her life. WTF. Wish this would all go away.
  18. Rockclimbinggirl

    IRL Peer Support Group

    So yesterday I went to a peer support group for the second time. I really enjoyed it. We did topics again. So everyone wrote a topic down and put it in a basket and then we talked about them. It is like SF except IRL. So if anyone is considering going to one go give it a try.
  19. lanasummer

    I was sexual assaulted.

    Hi all, I haven't been active on this forum for months but here goes.... Last year, I was brave enough to get help for my depression and self harming issues. I was put on medication and I have received therapy. But that didn't help me much. I didn't know how to tell my Doctor that all I wanted...
  20. Rockclimbinggirl

    Wanting to harm myself at the thought of going home

    Just thinking about going home has increased my suicidal ideations and is making me want to self harm. Yet I still sort of want to go home. I know that I need to do what is best for me but at the moment it seems like I wont. I do not really know why, is this all due to self destruction.