1. ElleisForLisa

    The view from my cabin in the dark woods

    Canadians and others across the globe were treated to an aurora borealis display last Friday night due to a severe geomagnetic storm. Green, pink, yellow and blue vistas were photographed throughout the night. Saying I love the sky at night would be an understatement. it’s my favorite time and...
  2. Beka

    How do you tell friends you don't want to make plans atm?

    Basically what the title says, most of my friends understand I have periods of time where I really am too exhausted to make plans but one friend does not. He is unaware of my mental health and I don't really want him to know but lately he's been asking every other day if I'm busy or if I want to...
  3. thismustbetheplace


    drank mysef to oblivion last night. I'm on vacation so I thought one wouldn't hurt, 10 later I'm a stumbling falling down bonging and purging drunk. The routine change from this vacation is causing a lot of anxiety. I know I can't drink, I mean I can if I want to go down that road but I don't...
  4. thismustbetheplace

    My daily routine

    Since I don't have a job currently because of my past substance use, mental health, eating disorder, being in and out of treatment, and all that other shit that I'm leaving in my past, my routine revolves around self care and having a self purpose. Since I contribute nothing to society (besides...