sexual assault

  1. googie

    does this counts as csa?

    so, my cousin and dad used to touch my butt, a lot of times, my cousin did it everytime we were alone, my dad used to slap and touch my thighs and butt, im not from usa, im from latam, and sa is kind of normalized here, but idk, does it counts as csa? or sa?
  2. A


    I feel like I am just getting worse. I was sexually abused by my mom's ex husband while I was growing up. I did report it within the statute of limitations but it was "he said, she said" (according to law enforcement.) I wanted to establish a good life for myself out in the world. I was engaged...
  3. Arwen

    Should i confront my recent ex-boyfriend about how he might have sexually assaulted me?

    We broke up about a month ago now, and i haven't spoken to him since, except for last week when i asked if he wanted his stuff back. I don't know if i'm over reacting, i'm aware that tonnes of people have been through way worse in terms of relationships and in sexual assault, which i'm not even...