1. Arun

    Help me with sleep pls

    Good morning everyone, I’m writing this at 3:01 on Thursday morning (in Australia). As is instantly obvious I have a problem with sleep. I was wondering if I could get the forum to help me brainstorm why and how to fix it. When I was in therapy my psychologist taught me proper sleep habits and...
  2. Depressed in SF

    Morning panic attacks (have you defeated them? tell me how!)

    Hey everybody, wanted to see if anyone else had the same experience as me and, if so, what you've done about it. Almost every morning I wake up way before my alarm (usually set for 6:30 but I'll get up at like 5:00) to go to the bathroom or something and, not only can I not fall back asleep but...
  3. H

    Sleep issue - sleeping at a bad time

    Hello, I am currently having troubles with sleeping. To give you some context, I am being treated with major depressive disorder for 4.5 months, while being ill for over 10 months. I have a "selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor" medication which works perfectly, now that me and my doctor found...