#smile #happyness #antidipression

  1. CoffeeArtist

    I'm healing

    I'm coming back on this forum after more than two years, only to share with you all this fact: things get better. The sun shines again. Daylight rushes in again. Flowers bloom again, and people smile again. This might seem like some kind of poetic cliche stuff, but trust me, situations change...
  2. Mremptyinside

    My comfy happy place, everyone is welcome to join.

    WELCOME WELCOME!!! This is my : Feel free to join me, there is room for everyone ;) (love the irony of the picture and this statement tho muahaha) Rules: This is my place to be happy, so i will chare happy things going on in my life, i will post cute or funny pictures i find and want to...