1. M

    I wrote a song in maybe 10 minutes, it's my feelings and ye someone said I can post it here so... I'm posting it here.

    I think I'm broken. There's something wrong. Fresh piece of paper, crumbled up and thrown away, will never be the same. Left to wander and wonder alone, am I to blame? Why do I miss it? I want you to violate and humiliate, abuse and shatter my body, my soul. I'll never be the same, I've tried...
  2. Tana

    Express how you're feeling (With only 1 song).

    Express how you're feeling at the moment with 1 song or melody. My current pick would be this one: No explanation needed, I think.
  3. Lotus

    Song Quotes

    So many of you know i'm a huge audiophile. So ina bid to spread the joy (and pick up new tunes) I want to hear lyrics from songs that make you happy or resonate with you. Any takers?