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  1. Suicide Goddess

    Don't want to be here anymore

    I am tired of suffering. I am tired of the abuse. I just want to be free, even if it means a different sphere.
  2. Kitty Katzington

    Started seriously planning my final day/suicide. I'm so close now

    At this point every time I remove my headphones, the only thing going through my head is suicide. I literally can't stop distracting myself or I will just die faster. I have a method, I thought of a nice location, and if my plan works it should take a while to even find my body. The method is...
  3. BrotherV56


    I know that on <mod edit - timeline>, my mother will be dead. She has been telling me for months at this point that she will kill herself come this time. She is 47, her health is terrible (physical and mental), she has no friends, does not talk to anyone, does not leave the house, and has zero...
  4. N

    In case I don’t see you

    In case I don’t see you When my eyes are clouded over And when I’ve become one with the earth When I’m all just a memory Do not grip upon the past Nor the burden of remembering it Look forward as I once could And see what I did not /////// Sometimes, in my moments of despair, I find inspiration...
  5. Soda-Voxel

    I don’t feel safe being alone anymore.

    I keep imagining, planning, researching horrible things. The urge to hurt myself is too great. When I’m alone in my room I’m thinking of bad things. I can’t imagine what I could do next time I am home alone. I feel sick to my stomach. I don’t trust myself anymore, because of how much I hate...
  6. Dante

    Not really living

    Back in 2010 I really started to fall apart with depression for the first time, killing myself was all I could think about, and for reasons I wont go into (the reasons aren't the point) I eventually decided that no matter what, I wouldn't kill myself, I took suicide off the table as an option. I...
  7. Soda-Voxel

    I feel so hopeless.

    Even though I had a wonderful day today, I still want to off myself after all this. I’m trying so, so hard to have hope. I need to be here for my friends, I have to help them, I have to stay alive. There are things I love, people I love, to be here for. But I just hate myself far too much. The...
  8. alixer

    What animal suicide says about us

    I’ve been trying very hard to understand why life is so unpalatable. The question of whether animals commit suicide is ageless, and the verdict seems to be still out. What is not easily debated is to the extent which displeasure plagues humanity, despite how much easier it is for us to fullfill...
  9. RedTerminator13

    I could only date someone that has picture evidence they have dated someone with a smaller penis

    I do not trust anybody that says they've been with someone smaller 4-5 inches vs 6-7 and enjoyed it more. I hate dating, I hate pornography, I hate how men have it so much harder than women just because of stupid genetics. Why couldn't everyone just have a generic size, the world would be a much...
  10. M

    Why should a person like me live?

    I am almost 30 and unemployed. My experience of life has never been that great. I am really shy, introverted, anxious, very pessimistic and an extremely negative thinker. I have no idea what I should do in life and I have no real interests. I have never been in love, never been in a...
  11. W

    What's the difference?

    Is wanting to die because the pain is too much the same as wanting to disappear? Sorry if this is not a clear question but I'll try and explain. I just noticed that most people that are suicidal have so much pain that they want an end to it. I for one am not in the same kind of pain that one...
  12. sisyphus

    A hurricane I've been fighting alone.

    I've been through some hard shit in this year. Since New Years Eve I've been feeling completely down and felt like something really bad was about to happen. And it did, several times. My educational life, which was pretty much all that I had, has completely and absolutely collapsed, all the way...
  13. NRW24

    I failed at being a human

    I failed at being a human. I can't get a job, a girlfriend, I don't have friends even. My life is empty. I have done nothing in these 25 years of existence. Sooner rather than later I will commit suicide. It can't come soon enough. Tomorrow I have my first therapy session. And it will be my...
  14. jckl.nthbutu1104

    I 've broken most of my relationships

    I understand that there's no way to go back to the past. But I am deeply ashamed of my foolish behaviors when my depression ruined my mind. At the end of my last few school year, I've lost my control and treated others in a very arrogant and not nice way. When I pretended to be so selfish that I...
  15. NRW24

    I hope this life ends asap

    I don't want to live anymore, living is a torture for me. I don't see the point in living. I can't make anyone happy. I can't get a job or a girlfriend. No one will love me. My life is emptiness. I wish I was never born. My life is a mistake.
  16. NRW24

    Worthless and unworthy of love

    I think I am going to commit suicide this year, sooner or later. I feel worthless and unworthy of love and a burden to my family. I don't contribute to other people's life, I'd rather say I ruin lifes. I don't feel competent to be a human. Looking back to my childhood, I was always a retard...
  17. CBunny9

    I know my last post was literally saying I feel better

    And I really do feel better. But today I found out an old friend’s sister committed suicide and all I feel is envy. I’m sad for my friend. But I also now can’t stop thinking about suicide and how I want to be done with this world too. I know this is so fucked up and I feel terrible that...
  18. Jena

    It feels like my thoughts are not my own

    It started a few weeks ago. I noticed depression start to reel its ugly head. Day by day and week by week its been getting worse. The past few days have particularly rough. Ive thinking about suicide more frequently. I actually wrote little notes about it and placed them around my work. People...
  19. Mayarian

    Its still there

    Since I joined this forum, every single of members that reply to my threads are really helpful to made me better abou myself. I never imagined crying like a baby all night alone bcs someone on the internet told that I tried my best and other soothing words, really. It always like a...
  20. rebeccaspins

    I wish I lived alone

    I feel so trapped and hopeless. I've been this way for years. I'm stuck living with my mum and her aggressive partner and it's killing me inside. He has extreme anger issues just like my father. I feel like a naughty child when in fact I'm a 24-year-old woman with a Masters degree from a great...