1. Dante

    Cult Classics Corner

    I am often amazed and bemused by how some people have simply missed out on an AMAZING cult classic show or film or radio series and LOVE finding a new one myself, so this thread is for everyone to post those cult classics. If this works then together we shall compile a library of the best...
  2. Dante

    Ideas & Opinions Which fictional character are you?

    I have been binge watching old(ish) TV and I got to the Mentalist and realised that I feel a strong connection with the main character, he is strange, dysfunctional, playful, fun, intelligent, but carries beneath it all a deep reservoir of sadness. He genuinely enjoys himself, but he is never...
  3. LonelyHiker

    What are you watching?

    What are you watching? (Or what was the last thing you watched?) I'm watching Apollo XIII, which I thought was appropriate given we are on the eve of the Apollo XI landing 50th anniversary..