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  1. sickanon2

    24, unemployed, and hopeless

    I have been unemployed nearly six months now. I have always worked hard, I always scored top marks in school and college, and earned myself a first class honours degree. I secured an excellent internship straight out of college, and managed to earn myself a full time job out of it. During the...
  2. lightning05

    I just want it to end

    Every day I dread waking up because I know that I will have to fight the urge to want to kill myself all day long. It is getting to be a tiring battle that I don't want to take part in anymore. I find no joy in anything and I keep thinking it would be such a good idea to just take my own life...
  3. Misty S.

    Need a job. Can't get a job. Can't deal.

    I'm 20 and never had a job. The entirety of the time I've been with my bf, I haven't been making money. He did help me once get a job at the restaurant where he used to work but they let me go after a month (they even had me work new year's eve) and I only ever received one paycheck worth $35...